• Establishing SOFT ROBOTICS Collective: School of Life and Machinery2021.03

    SOFT ROBOTICS Collective 生命と機械の学校

    Until now, many different kinds of robots appeared in fictional works such as animations and comics. And robots in the real world are becoming familiar not only in industrial fields but also in our livelihood. In the field of Soft Robotics — the field that researches soft robots incorporating movement, structure, sense of living things — the development of innovative robotics possessing flexibility and organic structure is proceeding.

    When imagining the future that AI and robots act for humans in labors and thinking, understanding various human behaviors will become significant.
    For instance, when trying to get a robot to make grasping action formed by an intricate balance of dynamics, the technology of precise power adjustment and the soft texture of the material will be significant. And when thinking of the possibility that robots producing psychological reaction may appear in the future, we can’t ignore the psychological effects that the texture of robot affects.

    A place where people can think deeply about the future by knowing the latest technologies and create practical ideas and technologies under the theme of “Robotics and Life” — with this ideal image, I established “SOFT ROBOTICS Collective: School of Life and Machinery” that cultivate technical skill and imagination.

    vol.01 “What is Artificial Muscle?” Workshop + Panel Session
    vol.02 “Future of Robotics: Learning from Animals, Considering from Tails” Panel Session

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