• vol.02 “Future of Robotics: Learning from Animals, Considering from Tails” Panel Session2021.03

    ROBOTICS Collective 生命と機械の学校 vol.02

    Theme “Symbiotic Relation between Animal, Human, and Robotics”
    For the second event, we invited 4 guest speakers from different fields. From the biology field, Madoka Hattori working on research related to cats and humans in Azabu University Animal Science and Biotechnology Department after her career as an editor for magazines and web media “ilove.cat”. From the front-line of the robotics field, Takashi Sagisaka, Chief Technology Officer of Yukai Engineering Inc., that designed the tail movement of cushion-shaped Therapy Robot “Qoobo” winning high esteem both in and out of Japan, and Junichi Nabeshima, creator of artificial biomimicry-inspired anthropomorphic tail “Arque”. And from the robot production field, Mika Nagae, product manager of Sony, working on projects of “aibo” — the leading authority on symbiotic relation between robots and human.
    From the standpoint of their speciality fields, the panel session started by introducing their works, front-line research involving animals and robotics, and the current status of product management. As the session progressed, the topic turned to what would be realized through technology development in the future and expanding the theme to “symbiosis between animals, humans, and robotics”, lecture on their ideal future vision was given.

    テーマ「動物と人間とロボティクスの共生」ROBOTICS Collective 生命と機械の学校 vol.02
    テーマ「動物と人間とロボティクスの共生」ROBOTICS Collective 生命と機械の学校 vol.02服部 円 編集者、大学院生
    テーマ「動物と人間とロボティクスの共生」ROBOTICS Collective 生命と機械の学校 vol.02鷺坂 隆志 ユカイ工学株式会社, CTO
    鍋島純一 慶應義塾大学鍋島純一 慶應義塾大学大学院メディアデザイン研究科
    テーマ「動物と人間とロボティクスの共生」ROBOTICS Collective 生命と機械の学校 vol.02長江 美佳 ソニー株式会社, 商品企画
    テーマ「動物と人間とロボティクスの共生」ROBOTICS Collective 生命と機械の学校 vol.02長江 美佳 ソニー株式会社, 商品企画

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