• ‘The Sighs of Eels’ has begun to be screened at the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal2022.05

    The video work “The Sighs of Eels” in which a person swims with a juvenile leptocephalus robot of an eel, is now being shown at the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal.

    冬の虹蜺 The Sigh of Eels TAKIDO Dorita 滝戸ドリタ


    The “Japanese Eel” species is on the verge of extinction. Biologists are studying the ecology of the eels and are desperately trying to promote their cultivation. However, Tokyo Bay remains polluted, and the condition of the rivers is not only a problem for eels, but also requires major changes in environmental measures to protect the ecosystem. To do so will require, above all, the interest of the people.

    This video work was originally created to be shown at the TOKYO INTERNATIONAL CRUISE TERMINAL in Tokyo Bay. This is the gateway for people from overseas to visit from the sea, and people returning to Japan will also see this video here. This is a video work to be exhibited at the gateway to the country, to leave something in people’s hearts as a video work here, to maximize interest in our lives and ecosystems.


    Location: Tokyo International Cruise Terminal, 3rd floor, LED display
    March 22 – TBA
    *This film will be shown approximately three times an hour during the museum’s opening hours (9:00-17:00).
    冬の虹蜺 The Sigh of Eels TAKIDO Dorita 滝戸ドリタ

    It has been several years since freshwater eels were listed as endangered. This situation was caused by overfishing. There are many cases when living things become extinct due to natural forces beyond human control, but not in the case of freshwater eels. It is possible to protect the sustainability of our food culture and the lives of living things by proper legal development, using technology appropriately, and improving the environment, including the law.

    Freshwater eels live in areas with high water quality and multiple aquatic organisms. Since Japan is a country prone to natural disasters, the environment for freshwater eels to migrate upstream and live in is being lost due to well weirs and other structures built to prevent river flooding.

    Thinking about this freshwater eel issue will lead us to care about the issue from several points, such as

    – Ecological issues

    – River environment issues

    – Water pollution issues

    – Issues of food culture and sustainable use of biological resources

    – Issues of law improvement against poaching and illicit trade

    And make it possible for us to think about what we can do to help humanity coexist with living things, and how technology can help.


    冬の虹蜺 The Sigh of Eels TAKIDO Dorita 滝戸ドリタ冬の虹蜺 The Sigh of Eels TAKIDO Dorita 滝戸ドリタ冬の虹蜺 The Sigh of Eels TAKIDO Dorita 滝戸ドリタ


    Artist: Dorita TAKIDO

    Director,Editor : TAKIDO Dorita
    Movie Supervisor : IWAGUCHI Tetsuya
    Underwater scene Director Of Photography : IKEYA tomohide
    2nd Camera : HOSHINO Kosaku
    Technical Assistant : KAWASE Keiju(TAIL)
    Still Photographer & Assistant : TANITSU Sho
    Underwater Assistant: NAKAMURA Ayuko,HIGUCHI Ryohei
    Lighting Assistant: OHYAGI Leo,UCHIDA Chitose,OTA Tsugumi
    Underwater Model : IIJIMA Ayako
    Production : IIJIMA sayaka
    Drone : WATANABE Akio
    Costume: HATRA
    3D Animation : TAKIDO Dorita


    Robot Design,Development : TAKIDO Dorita
    Electronics Tutor:YOSHIDA Tomofumi(of Sheep inc.)
    Robotics technical support: NIIYAMA Ryuma
    Electronics Supervisor: SAITA Kazuki(Kinoshita laboratory)

    Music : TOKUSASHI Kengo

    Eel provided by : A Zero inc.
    Eel ear stone picking support : Ashley Rinka Smith

    Special Thanks : Shiryu Kirie

    photo by IKEYA Tomohide, TANITSU Sho