• Efficiency of Mutualism2024.03

    Dorita Takido

    In this work, multiple power generation mechanisms are used in combination: fuel cells that use microorganisms which coexist with plants, algae fuel cells that use photosynthesis, and fuel cells that use the electrolysis of water. We attempt to promote the plant’s growth through electrical stimulation by returning the weak electricity generated by each fuel cell to the plant. In addition, the viewer can intervene and participate in this system by manually generating electricity. This work presents an opportunity to reconsider the ideal form of circulation, as well as the relationship between the electricity used as a tool by humans and nature.

    Efficiency of Mutualism滝戸ドリタ Dorita Takido

    Efficiency of Mutualism滝戸ドリタ Dorita Takido

    • Credit

      • Yasuaki Kakehi Laboratory, The University of Tokyo
        Cooperation: Hiroaki Takahashi, Mai Kagawa, Rei Sakura, Rio Ito, Miki Hayashi, Tsuneo Mizuno, Tomofumi Yoshida,Yumi Sasaki, Nisor Co., Ltd.