• Slime Synthesizer2021.03


    Slime Synthesizer is a fluid, amorphous synthesizer.

    By touching or deforming the shape of the slime, the alteration of tone is caused.
    Slime Synthesizer gives you the sensation as if you are generating a tone by grabbing a cloud of sounds.

    Connecting the body of synthesizer to human and other contact to the slime create the mechanism of tone generation caused by touching the slime.
    The deformation of slime and the distance between contact produces a change in electrical resistance, and this cause the alteration of generated tone.
    The replacement of the invisible and unimaginable flow of electricity to a tone make the flow of electricity to be sensible and imaginable.
    And one can also study electric circuit by feeling, from the experience to recognize the change in electrical resistance with sound that is caused by deformation of slime.

    Slime Synthesizer gives the new experience of playing an instrument, equipped with an unprecedented interface of amorphous slime.